Fall 2016 Bridal Trends

With summer coming to a close, we’re starting to get prepared and look on to the next season. Fall has always been my favorite season, especially in fashion! Here’s a look at some of the latest trends coming off of the runway for Fall 2016 to give you an idea of styles you might want to look for when you begin wedding dress shopping!

Large Embroidery/Lace Appliques 

We are seeing tons of gowns for the Fall season with large, detailed embroidered lace. It adds a nice subtle pop to the gown and also photographs beautifully.

9826     8862

Intricate Beadwork

Many gowns this season have a very 1930’s feel with the intricate beadwork and patterns. It gives them a stunning vintage vibe and they are definitely jaw-dropping!

8872     Justin Alexander 9839

Sheer Silhouettes/Cutouts

I’ve been absolutely loving the sheer look this upcoming season. Cutouts are also really in right now with bridal. It’s a way to show off some skin in a sexy, yet sophisticated way.

9252     9832     3913

Modern Minimalist

The minimalistic look is also back in again. It’s a simple look accented with a small detail. It’s definitely timeless and classic.

9158    8866    8855

Long Sleeves

This has always been a favorite look of mine for Fall/Winter weddings. We are seeing no shortage of long sleeved gowns for this upcoming season!

8870     8812

These are all just a few of the amazing trends we have been noticing for Fall 2016. With bridal, there are always so many different options to choose from and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. My advice is to pinpoint one specific feature that you really want and go from there. Keep an open mind when wedding dress shopping because you never know what you could end up liking until you try it on! I hope this gave you some ideas for what you might like when you start your dress hunt!!

All photos provided are courtesy of Justin Alexander and Allure Bridals.

One thought on “Fall 2016 Bridal Trends

  1. This is an excellent article, I am a Fashion Blogger and love finding new articles about Fashion that inspire me all the time. Fashion trends change with every season and sometimes dramactically, my favourite time of the year is the season of autumn/winter. You have so many options with clothes in this time, where you have multiple things to style and layer on top of each other. It’s always nice to read others opinions and thoughts on what is trending for this new season that is upon us; fall, so thank you!

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